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                         PUBLIC NOTICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS


Gum Springs Water Supply Corp. meets all of the TCEQ requirements regarding the delivery and consumption of drinking water. We are very attentive to the many testing and safeguards to ascertain that our water customers are provided safe potable drinking water. We take numerous samples each month for testing the water and the samples are delivered to an independent lab for testing. These results are sent to the TCEQ for their review. The TCEQ also requires a state contractor to come out take numerous water samples on a quarterly basis each year and the samples are sent to an independent lab for testing and the results are sent to the TCEQ for review.  


Recently a flyer was sent to all of our water customers that implies that the water should be tested. This is a marketing tactic to entice your involvement for a ‘’free’’ test in order to garner your interest in the purchase of a water filtration system.


Again, your water is safe and frequently tested to assure it is potable for consumption and use. Furthermore, we appreciate the confidence you repose in our delivery of safe water to you and your family.



‘’Water Is Life’’




Derrick Todd

General Manger