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Updated May 23, 2019 Agenda




Thursday, May 23, 2019

Monthly Meeting


Notice is hereby given that the Gum Springs Water Supply Corp. will convene for a Regular Meeting at the Corporation office located at 741 Mt Pleasant Rd., Hallsville, TX. Any guest or members are welcome to attend this meeting. Items to be presented are as follows:

  1. Call to Order.
  2. Roll Call of Directors and establish a quorum.
  3. Welcome and recognize visitors and guests.
  4. Consider Approval of April 23, 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes.
  5. Consider Approval of April 2019 Monthly Meeting Minutes.
  6. Consider Approval of the Financial report for April 2019.
  7. Review Water Loss Report for April 2019.
  8. Receive/Discuss and Take Any Necessary Action Regarding CCN Service Area Transfer Agreement by and between the City of Longview and Gum Springs WSC.
  9. Receive/Discuss and Take Any Necessary Action with Regarding Right of Way and Easement with Hickory Trails.
  10. Receive/Discuss Kyle Stephens update on Capital Improvements.
  11. Receive/Discuss and Take Any Necessary Action Regarding Capital Improvement Loan documents from TB&T.
  12. Receive/Discuss and Take Any Necessary Action Regarding Sample Meter Request on FM 2208.
  13. Receive/Discuss The Update on The Budget for Gum Springs WSC.
  14. General Managers Report.
  15. Consider items of Old/New Business to be placed on June Agenda
  16. Adjourn

The Board of Directors is authorized by the Texas Open Meetings Act to convene in closed or executive session for certain purposes.  These purposes include receiving legal advice from its attorney (Texas Government Code 551.071); discussing real property matters (551.072); discussing gifts and donations (551.073); discussing personnel matters (551.074); or discussing security personnel or devices (551.076).  If the Board of Directors determines to go into executive sessions will be held and will identify the item to be discussed and provision of the Open Meetings Act that authorizes the closed or executive session.